Tokyo Motorbike Show

Immersed myself in shiny motorcycle goodness on Saturday with Yuta Horie and Shunsuke Kobayashi. The major highlight of the show was without doubt the huge array of explorer/adventurer/tourers that are now on the market. Plus the Tron-Legacy style concept bike and the electric bike that competed in the Isle of Man race!

It almost makes me wish that I waited a year or two before I bought my bike!

4 thoughts on “Tokyo Motorbike Show

  1. Thanks for the comments. Anne, i`m surprised you knew what the GG Taurus was – I had to look it up!? I`m curious though, considering it would be just as dangerous as a bike what is it about the Taurus that would convince you to take a ride?

    Swissbeats, the price differential depends on where they are made. A lot of Japanese bikes are made in China these days, along with everything else which means they incur import tax when they return back to Japan and are comparable in price to Australia.

    There has been an expansion in demand and competition in the adventure bike market which seems to have brought prices down for some and pushed them up for others. E.g., The BMW GS series is super popular and expensive ($15k – $25k depending on model and mod cons) but the Triumph Explorer and Honda NC700X (All pictured above) are very similar bikes for nearly half the price! Both would be a nice buy for about $10,000 AUD.

    1. Have seen a couple of similar trikes here, although most seem to have the double wheels at the back, which i sorta like better- don’t see them as being as dangerous as normal bike – bigger footprint on road, more visible,more stable . Of course the rider is still pretty vulnerable . Also dont have to worry about lifting bloody thing or it falling over on me! . Obviously this one has huge engine & can go pretty fast but so can lots of cars its the drivers control & attitude that makes the difference.

  2. now if pete had a gg taurus he would be in 7th heaven and maybe, just maybe I might consider getting behind him!

  3. Some sweet bikes there. Are they much cheaper than Oz? Where is your bike at the moment? Hope you got chatting with a few of the saleswomen!! 🙂

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