Ultimate Frisbee – FCUTS

I have decided to take up ultiamte frisbee this summer. I had so much fun with the ‘Mothers Finest’ team in Canada that I had to take this sport up again! We only ever won one game that I can remember, but hell it was so good until we started to take it too seriously!

Besides it remioned me of 4ths and 3rds Football where I played 3 seasons for about 3 wins! (Going on 18 games a season, thats Stats of: Losses 51, Wins 3.)

As everybody knows, Ultimate is mixed sex sport so we really need to encourage some girls to get involved. Its anything but serious and they have 4 divisions based on skill, so their is always going to be beginners.

Checkout http://www.ufnsw.com.au/uts/ for more details.


Did anyone catch the short Documentary on SBS or ABC last night about the privatisation of water? I had to duck off to Ultimate Frisbee (more on that later) so missed most of it, but thought the topic was fascinating nonetheless.

Although some people may think this is a bit over the top, It really doesn’t matter. It is an inescapable reality that one day, clean, fresh water is going to be a precious commodity. Whilst the amount of fresh water in the world will remain constant, population and pollution growth will drastically reduce the amount of clean fresh water we have per capita, not to even mention distribution problems for places like Australia where it has a habit of not showing up where its most required.

A friend asked me recently for a long term investment tip. I told him of a few stocks I had my eye on but I also told him that long long long term – anything to do with water was going to be a winner. Innovation with regard to water quality has recently been a hotbed of activity, and with good cause, we can’t live without it, and eventually it will be a commodity for which we will have to pay a hefty price for. People complain about paying $1.50L for petrol, what about $1.50L for water? Your average 5 min morning shower would cost more than $25.

Caufield Cup

Caufield Cup Day is Saturday the 21st of October. It is the last opportunity to get in on the spring racing action, to dress up, drink up and checkout the frilly fillys and suited stallions.

The plan at this stage is to meet up at Eddy Avenue, Central Station and catch a bus in to Randwick as a group at around 1130. For full event info check here and above. Feel free to bring a friend along, cost is $15 and I have been informed that it is not BYO unfortunately. Picnic rug recommended?