Dinner diary: 130301 Casual dining in Gotanda

March has arrived with a warm, wet spring shower. Nourishment for all. So I went in search of beef (Gyu-niku no arimas ka?) and a warm, dry cave to eat it in. After walking around the backstreets of Gotanda and being offered multiple ‘massages’ of practically any nationality (Who ever said the Japanese are not multicultural?) I eventually found KanKan*.


KanKan, Gotanda



It really was a cave!

Yet again I was rewarded for adventuring into the unknown in Tokyo. You really cannot go wrong, as long as your spirit is in the right place and your willing to eat pretty much anything. Horse sashimi was on the menu here but I was looking for something more comfortable tonight.





The roast beef, BBQ potato, Onsen black pork and roasted camembert and salmon all went down a treat

You can find KanKan on the south side of Gotanda JR station, around the corner from Mos burger. Its on the 6th floor of the first large cluster of Izikaya and will have a gaggle of menu boys out the front. Of course its opposite a pachinko parlor. Menu available in English.

Not the very best in Japanese dining but that’s why they call it casual dining. All part of the experience.

* Kankan is not the actual name or a translation of the name but was the only part of the name I could recognize!