True Aristocracy

“True aristocracy is in being a nomad; those who settle lose their lineage.”

Yuruk Proverb.

The Yuruks (or Yorouks), as I understand it were nomads of the Turkish/Greek/Macedonian region in the 14th century. Apparently they still be wandering in those areas.

I’m not so sure that lineage is all that important, I see it as distinct and separate  from family, community and aristocracy.  True, historically aristocrats were of a particular lineage that was supposed to be better than the commoner, it implied they had some connection with a god. A greatness of person. It became an excuse for the subjugation, control and repression of the commoner.

If the greatness of people(s) should primarily be measured by what and who they accept, not by what and who they reject – the various nomads of the world would truly be aristocracy. I base this proclamation on the hypothesis that those who settle lose not their historic claim to aristocracy (lineage) but  their modern claim – their tolerance. Settlements entail boundaries, barriers, borders, walls and fences. Settlement entails protectionism and homogeneity, a fear of ‘outsiders’ and those that are different.  This could not be clearer then it is in the land of the rising sun.

Thanks Nick and the young priest in ‘Chocolate’ the movie (Easter tolerance speech) for the inspiration .

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