Where we get to. From country bumpkin to…

This post is dedicated to those increasing number of friends and family that are raising kids at the moment and those of us that are trying to deal with a world that is changing so rapidly, that we seem like kids – struggling to keep our feet, sometimes running, sometimes falling, sometimes going in loops, but always leaning and tottering forward.

Before: Growing up in a country with a population of ~25 million people, in town(s) with more trees or cows than people. Where the biggest concerns are who played footy well on the weekend, who got how drunk and whether it will rain or not. Picked fruit or sold popcorn for cash.

In between: family, sport, travel, reading, sport, travel, university (B.Bus), work, travel.

Now: I`m sitting in a serviced apartment, in Ginza, Tokyo – largest metropolis in the world with population of ~40 million, writing a greenhouse gas management bench-marking report on 16 global oil and gas companies for one of the largest professional services firm in the world. On a Saturday.

Time period: 24 years (I`m 29 but the first 5 years hardly count if you can`t remember them).

Point: Pace of change in this world is astounding and increasing. I could never have imagined this specific outcome even 5 years ago. Sometimes I do have to pinch myself. What of the kids that area growing up now? How will the deal with the ever increasing pace of change?

My tip: I don`t know anything about raising kids. I do know something about climate change. Because of climate change I suggest you raise your kids to be flexible, creative and adaptive. They are going to need to be. Why – Because 6 degrees of climate change this century is increasingly possible and the resulting change and pace of change will require it of them in order for them to keep tottering forward.


PwC recently released a report indicating that 6 degrees of climate change is possible this century. You can check these National Geographic Videos for an idea of what each incremental degree of global climate change has meant in the past and what it is likely to mean in the future. Note that images maybe depressing. For tips on how to raise your kids to be flexible, creative and adaptive try this page.