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I’ve always wanted to be a builder, and I think this website is kind-of-like my dream warehouse apartment – I can just keep on renovating it, over and over. So, point of this blog – check out the Lyrics Machine in the sidebar, now i just got to work out how to change the song!

By the way, if you don’t know this song, I’m ashamed of you. Currently tormenting my housemates by learning how to play it on the Harmonica!

Big shout-out at this point to any of my fellow spriggers who have checked out the site – Loved the tour, the people and the cricket!

Please Rant & Rave

Hi All, I’d just like to make it clear – I like it when you all Rant!

Please dont be afraid to express yourself by posting a comment, or if you would like a little more space, or a little more headline – email me something and I’ll post it on your behalf.

This comment is in part inspired by the speech of Steve Jobs that Sarah forwarded to Nick (who is all about everybody having an opinion), and in part by my family, who have always been about having a good rant for the fun of it (as you can see – dont be afraid of them, they only yell and scream and froth at the mouth, they dont bite.)

So forward me anything you you would to draw peoples attention to, especially personal pieces, thoughts, or just make a comment. Thanks.


Here I am with some of the bigwigs of the URSU & our Goldenmile Mall team!
L to R: Victor (president URSU), Lawrence, Victor, Lindy?, Hillary (Vice President External), YT & Shaun (Vice President Students).
This is the second set of fundraising we have done this week, and an official end to the UofR Shinerama. On Wednesday we scoured the campus shining students and staff shoes alike the team of 4 I was in covered Luther & campion colleges, rasing about $250.
Our team of 5 on saturday where at the Goldemile Mall (My local!) from 9:30 to 12:00 and raised about $50 each. Highlight of the day for me being that the local cleaner told me there was a girl who sounded just like me working across the road at the donut shop, so I went over and paid a visit to Sharon, the third known aussie in regina!
Saturday night was a free beer & Pizza night for the V-team (URSU Volunteers), and we made sure there were no beer tickets left at the end! i managed to draw another aussie out of the woodwork – she came and punched me and asked me what claim I had to the Wallabies jumper I was wearing!
All the money from Shinerama goes to Cystic Fibrosis Council (Check the link) and URSU has raised about $7,000.00 This year! Top work people!

The Weekend!

Ian & Myself BBQ’ing away!
This weekend was quite action packed! It all started on Friday night – the 2nd of the Lazy owls Five Fridays! I voluteered my services as expert aussie BBQ’r to flip burgers (as they say) for the URSU Cistic Fibrosis Fundraiser! It was a great night and was great from a social aspect because a lot of people I knew from classes knew where to find me! Not to mention all the hungry randoms I got to talk to! Unfortunately standing beside the BBQ till 4am meant teh next day I had a massive fever and was unable to go on the Cistic Fibrosis bar blitz (The ad read: Free Entry to clubs & bars to sell candy necklaces to hot chicks – I was sold!) which would have been awesome! However I did manage to make it to teh U of R Rams game, which they lost, but it was interesting none-the-less!

L – R: Alvin, Hanne, Eva, Anni, Ant-ti, Hedei, Alex & Sona

After another night of raging fever, I dragged myself out of bed and Alex and I managed to make it to the bus station in time to join a few other exchange students and Alvin to head to Moose Jaw to check out the Tunnels of Prohibition! It was pretty cool, teh tour guides where all dressed up in 1920’s clothes and acted out the part as if we where actually bootleggers smuggling Al Capone’s Whiskey across the border into America! We also did another tour about teh chinese immigration which was very interesting, nice to know every country has some skeletons in the closet. (Apologies for incorrect spelling of names!)

Alvin in front of the sign I plan to send a pic of to Rove – Mike – a Moosejawian couldn’t explain it!

The Influence of God (I stand to be corrected)

Belief in God can be a dangerous thing, especially for those that don’t believe!

Need an example? Imagine the early 1200’s, the Church is very very powerful and Pope Innocent III reins (apparently reluctantly over all of europe), except he has a little trouble with the heretic ‘Albigenses’ ( known to some as the ‘kathos’ I believe. The kathos live in Southern France and after they murder someone important to the Pope, he resorts to force in true religous style.

However, the French catholics in one particular part of france, side with the Kathos in an unprecedented move and they all shelter together in the church of Mary Magdeleine. Pope Innocent III, a magnificent ruler of The Holy Land, as described by the catholic encyclopedia, when questioned on how they should seperate the catholics from the heretic ‘kathos’ the Pope replied:

“Kill them all, God is all powerfull and knowing,
he will know which are catholic and which are heretic,
which should go to heaven amd which should go to hell.”
unfortunately the Catholic encyclopedia doesn’t go into this in great detail, but it does comment briefly on it about 3/4’s of the way down its biography on Pope Innocent III at:

Families of Suicide Soldiers Seek Compo

A lot of you may already have known of Dave Hayward, a friend of mine from highschool. He is at the front of the picture above, pulling faces and making everybody laugh, as he used to do at home. Dave apparently committed suicide in Perth at the beginning of last year, about a week after his Birthday. He had been AWOL from the army, a job he told everyone he loved, for nearly 2 months. His parents had not been informed of his absence. Dave had won an award for his dedication to his training. So many things will remain unexplained in this world, in my mind.

Please take a moment to read this article:

Please take a moment to question the world we live in every day, do not believe every word you hear or read, vote, be critical of beauracracy and your beliefs, breathe fresh air, live and learn. Thankyou.