Almost feel like a mechanic

First real service of the Bike for me on the weekend:

  • Warning light inspection and check
  • Throttle grip free-play inspection and adjustment
  • Idle speed inspection and adjustment
  • Coolant filter inspection and clean
  • Coolant inspection and replacement
  • Fuel hose, connection and tank inspection
  • Air cleaner inspection and clean
  • Brake fluid level inspection and replacement (Front & Back)
  • Fuse box inspection
  • Worn nut, seals and bolt replacement (~15 in total! One bloody bolt had to turned from an allen-key bolt into a flat head screwdriver bolt with a metal file only 10cm long)
  • Bash plate ‘straightening’

Still to go over the next 2 days of public holidays:

  • Smashed/melted rear right indicator repair / replacement – No mum I didn’t crash, girls just keep knocking it when they get on/off my bike! ūüėČ
  • Horn replacement
  • Fuel filter inspection and clean
  • Fuel line clean
  • Radiator grill inspection and clean
  • Clutch play inspection and adjustment

Still to go when I get someone organised to send me some brake pads from Australia (Any volunteers?):

  • Front and rear brake pad replacement

Things to think about:

  • When I removed the fuel tank, the manual said to disconnect 3 hoses. I could only find 2! Still baffled!
  • Coolant was clean and radiator full but coolant filter was full of black flakes… Any ideas?
  • Bike still feels like it is getting too hot even though no temperature warning light comes on.
  • Bike occasionally cuts out with the clutch still fully in when I put it into first gear for the first time… this is the most concerning, hoping that the clutch inspection will give me some hints.

Big thanks to the Sydney S&CC team who got me a Leatherman multi-tool as a parting gift. Big thanks to Maria also for replacing it when it was lost on the way to Maliana with Dad. It has been very very useful.

The Leavers Curse

The Air is thick with the smell of steam, rotten and pure, salty and fresh

It is stirred by the breath of the sea,  a whisper on the back of my knee
Lightning brightens the sky in clusters, rhythmic and pulsing
Heavenly fans and clouds of thunder play acoustic rythyms on the leaves
It is tranquil
The Mind is thick with thoughts of feelings, ripe and firm, toxins and chemicals
It is stirred by actions of late, a curse across my conscience
Neurons sparkle and die in torrents , fizzing and bubbling
Whisps of guilt and threads of doubt play their string harmonies on my Soul
It is confused
The Gizzard is thick with the intuition of navigation, impulsive and divine,  twisty and straight
It is stirred by the threat of indecision, a result of duplicate feelings
Pathways open and close in staccato succession, crackling, bidding and biding
Intrinsic knowledge and learned stereotypes play their synthesiser trash on my Mind
It is ready
The Soul is thick with words of paranoia, hesitant and bipolar, critical and constructive
It is stirred by thoughts of duplicate feelings, due to actions of late
Arguments jump from words, flapping, fitting and flying or dying
Memory and conscience hum to the harmonies of guilt and doubt, playing with Me
It is advertised.
The Water is thick with tidings of the storm, hot and cool, wet and frothy
It is stirred by the pull of the moon, a tormentor of hormones and lonely dogs
Monsters be hiding here and there, quilling, gilling and sometimes grilling
Waves from near and far play their percussion concerto on the sand
It is time
The Air, the Mind, the Gizzard, the Soul, the Water
It is tranquil, it is confused, it is ready, it is advertised, it is time
It is me. 


Rode to Hato-Builico Friday night, scary. 
Climbed Mt Ramalau on Saturday morning, beautiful. 
Nanna nap on Saturday and Sunday, refreshing. 
D&M on the beach late Saturday, humane. 
Baking Sunday morning, fail. 
Indonesian friend visiting on Sunday, challenging. 
Wine and Cheese Sunday night, enlightening. 

Just say Yes

Yes, yes, yesyesyes.
Its not that hard to improve the world
Just say ‘Yes’.
Don’t think too long
Or dilly dally your decision
When some-one asks,
Just say ‘Yes’.

Place some trust in your friends
When they ask,
Just say ‘Yes’.

Its not that hard to make a difference
Just say ‘Yes’
Don’t use sarcasm
or make a joke
When some-one asks,
Just say ‘Yes’.

Boost your colleagues self esteem,
When they ask,
Just say ‘Yes’.

Its really easy to get what you want
Just say ‘Yes’
Don’t be a doubter
Or a hater
When someone asks
Just say ‘Yes’

Mike life easier for yourself
When you ask
Just say ‘Yes’

Timor-Leste Values

This report contains probably the most useful information you could have if your working or planning to work in TL.

The report is a detailed assessment of the values of the Timorese people. Through a series of interviews and questionnaires they assess 1,200 people to determine what it is that will motivate them and which values will be aligned to and assist ‘development’.

Unfortunately, I do not necessarily agree with the analysis, as ‘development’ is defined strictly in terms of western capitalistic and materialistic values. It seems ironic to me that they bothered to do the study only to identify what values would be problematic and may need to be circumvented, changed or kept under careful and watchful scrutiny in order to conduct successful ‘development’ of western values. Surely the analysis should have been¬†centred¬†on answering the question ‘How do we develop Timor so that what the Timorese value is maximised?’

Regardless, the results are very useful and provide significant insight into why Timorese act or behave the way they do in some situations. Bearing in mind that this is a generalisation or stereotyping exercise based on a a nationally representative sample and supported by additional interviews with teachers, academics and senior social figures.

I strongly encourage all foreigners working in Timor to read this report and keep these Timorese values in mind when you think of ‘development’.