Why Anime is so cool…

I found this site randomly whilst procrastinating. Check out the anime and follow the link above to an anime gallery. Admitedly, at times it can be borderline pornographic, but at least they do it gracefully.

Now, ok the site above, its a teenagers site, fair enough. I understand your criticism… but its refreshing. Being surrounded by people who uphold such serious principle; hard work, dedication, sacrafices, power, success, intelligence, achievement… and who can be prone to not seeing the lighter side of life at times, it was refreshing.

So is Anime. I guess it proves a rather post-modern point that the world is meant to beautiful. Get some Anime in your life.

Posts from Sth America

Keep your eyes on this spot for posts from South America!

I have given Ange and Bryan full access to post some news on the blog to let people from home know how they are going and what crazy adventures they have been upto. Time to face facts really, those overseas are bound to have more fun then those stuck at home! Holiday is where the hearts at! regardless of how much you get paid!

Oh, and For the two gallant adventurers in South America, the pressure is now on for you to actually post something – expecting audiences!

Happy Birthday Pete and Fairwell Bryan!

Big weekend! I got to say hi to Bryan before he headed off to South America and even got down the pub for a few [too many] $3.5 Vodkas to celebrate Petes 21st! Even managed to get out to congratulate Herman on his 5 year delayed 21st!

So anyway, good time was had by all I’m sure. Apologies to anybody I offended on the weekend, it wasn’t intentional I assure you. Next time I’ll actually make sure Heath dances though… MWAHAHA.

Shout out to Reid AKA the Heartney Hearthrob AKKA The Calgary Cavalier, how is that chicken mate?

Random Canadian Flashback #1

Had a delicious meal of spaghetti and creamy pumpkin sauce last night. When it came time to test if the spag was al donte I had a flash back to Canada. I was told the best way to test if spaghetti was cooked, was to throw it against the fridge. If it sticks, its cooked. How can you not trust the beautiful daughter of a chef? Anyway, its true. Try it some time.

Random being the key word. Ahhhh, Good times. End of story

The next time you stereotype, think external validity.

External validity is a measure of how readily youc an generalise a statement or research. High external validity implies you can make a very broad statement.

Technically we would say you have high external validity if you are basing your statement on a large number of observations. For example, if the caravan you buy from a pikey doesn’t make it out the gate, and its the only thing you have ever bought from a pikey, and you claim that all Pikeys are thieving dishonest con artists, your statement has very low external validity.

On the other hand a consumer report which collected a sample of 1,000 customer satisfaction reports from people who bought caravans from pikeys would have a much higher external validity.

So the next time you stereotype or generalise (as we are all [especially me] prone to do), think of exactly how many observations you have and consider your external validty.

Aid business

I was going to make this a rant about aid organisations and how dodgy they can be sometimes, but then i realized I need to think about this some more…

The article that got me thinking was written by Iman Muldoon and you can respond to his criticism of aid organisations portrayed in the November 2005 issue of ‘The University of Technology Sydney magazine’ U:, by emailing u@uts.edu.au.

Iman had a crack at a few aid organisations for over-paying visiting proffessionals to certain countries. An example given was that the UN requires all proffessionals to be flown business class for flights longer then 9 hours. Another example was that The International Bar Association paid a benefits package of around US$3000 a month for a professional to monitor legal developments in the country of Malawi, East Africa. So just where does your donation dollar go?

More importantly, how do we solve these problems? A solution proposed was that the professionals be sourced localy as much as possible, but often that is just not possible. So do we expect these professionals to make themselves available at less then market rates? Are they really needed? What do they do anyway?

Maybe thats a start. Aid organisations need to let people know whats going on. In this age of digital media it can’t be that hard! Can anyone even name more then 5 serious aid organisations (not including Red cross and the Salvos)?

Anyway – checkout the following site to get an idea on how big the aid industry is: http://www.reliefweb.org and even have a look for a future job.

Please keep in mind that although a lot of these organisations are NPO, it is still within their best interestes to remain operating. Don’t get me started on the church and how its not audited, not required to pay taxes or possibly not even required to fill a tax return… So, where does your donation dollar go?

Accruals and AA.

What are accruals? I get asked this a alot these days and I’m amazed that I find it difficult to answer. But basicaly – its what accountants get paid for! 🙂

Formal definition: Accruals = Profit – Cashflow.

If you need a definition of profit – its covered in a previous post, go do some research. If you don’t understand mathematics, accruals are what makes up the difference between profit and cashflow. The basic purpose of accruals is to ensure that the profit recorded for a given accounting period, actually relates to that period.

For example:

A construction company, Constructions R Us received a payment in advance of $1 Million on the 1st January 2006 for a building which is expected to take 1 year to complete. Construction commences on the 1st of January. At the 30th June 2006 half of the building is complete. $250,000 worth of material and labour has been used and paid for. $50,000 worth of concrete has been paid for and will be delivered next week. Assuming this is the only work done by Constructions R Us for the financial year ending 30th june 2006, how much Cash and Profit is earned?

Cash flow:
A.) Cash Receipts = $1,000,000
B.) Cash expenses = $250,000 + $50,000 = $(300,000)
C.) Cash Flow = $700,000 (A – B)

A) Revenue = 1,000,000 / 2 = $500,000
B) Expenses = $250,000
C) Profit = $250,000 (A-B)

A.) Accrued Revenue = $500,000
B.) Deposits paid = $50,000
C.) Total accruals: $(450,000) (B-C)

Accrued Revenue is a liability – Constructions R Us owes the customer for work not yet done.
Deposit paid is an Asset – concrete company owes constructions R us $50,000 worth of concrete.