The joys of BBQ is universal

I used to have an apparently naive opinion the BBQ was an Australian tradition, or at least part of our cultural identity. Pretty silly really when you consider the real origin of BBQ… Cave man. It will never be proven but right after cave man discovered fire I reckon he discovered the joys of BBQ.

Therefore it is no wonder that the joys of BBQ seem universal. Almost everybody (vegetarians probably don’t) enjoys a BBQ. Semi-smoked, half-raw, charcoal-tinged meat is in our origins. The Japanese certainly enjoy a BBQ as much as Australians and I was lucky enough to get an invite to one just last week.

The whole roast chicken with vegies in the dutch oven was my favourite.

Golden Week Photos

The Japanese are smart. They stick almost all their public holidays into just two separate weeks of the year so you get a decent break. They call it Golden week and silver week. Unfortunately, some 100 million (no joke) other people are on holiday too and not much is open because the shop keepers are, yep – you guessed it, on holiday.

Still, despite a nasty deadline and some even nastier weather I managed to get away for a train ride around the Boso peninsular (Chiba), take a burn on the bike through the traditional buildings of Kawagoe and on to the mountains to Chichibu where I checked out the flower festival, dressed up in traditional kit and took a very nice onsen (hot spring bath). On the way home I dodged a tornado (apparently), rode through a mountain (seriously) and avoided a few thunderstorms by sitting them out in ramen shops.

Enjoy the pics.

Wise words

The wise words of the old manager to the new manager and previously demanding consultant:

“Having to set direction, manage quality, get the work done in time and train up, whilst also empowering, listening, incorporating ideas, motivating and inspiring. Not easy my friend :)”

Thanks Jo, it must have been all the good managers I have had in PwC S&CC that made it look easy.