The Start, again

I decided late last year that it was time to take another long journey. I’m happy to say that I’ll be heading off on Sat 16th April to ride my motorbike from Timor Leste to London.

The journey actually starts in Singapore, I head by Ferry through Indonesia to Timor Leste where I will spend 3 months volunteering for micro finance organisation Moris Rasik.

Once my tasks are completed I will journey back to Singapore and head towards India via China. After India the plans become much less detailed, but I intend to head through Pakistan into China via the Karakoum Pass, avoiding Afganistan by travelling North and then tracking back to the West through Kazakstan onto Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Poland and on to the UK via Germany.

It should be a fantastic trip, but first I need to complete my kitchen renovations!

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