Timor Leste Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for my 3 months in Timor Leste are exciting! My role will basically be to act as a facilitator and co-ordinator for Good Returns/World Education Australia Limited between Moris Rasik, a Timor Leste based Micro-Finance Institute (MFI) and Mercy Corp, an aid organisation.

Mercy Corp has some cash from the EU that it wants to use to establish a renewable energy technology program in Timor Leste. Moris Rasik has the micro finance clients and micro finance infrastructure and social networks needed for the renewable energy technology to reach the local people. Good Returns has the knowledge capability to deliver the program and the education backing of WEAL to assist in promoting and training local service providers so that the program is a success. Good Returns also has a renewable energy technology porogram agenda, and currently work with Moris Rasik in delivering donations from the Australian public to Moris Rasiks micro finance clients, hence the need for someone (me!), to facilitate the whole thing. Who ever said aid organisations rarely work well together?

However, before I get stuck into any aid work, I still need to finish my kitchen. After a crazy couple of weeks I realised that I was imposing all the stress myself, Russell and Lassie were experience on all of us. I had the ability to post-pone my flights, bring the stress levels down and get back to enjoying the kitchen renovations. So that is what I did, thanks in part to some good guidance from mum and dad who provided the support I needed and helped me realised that I wouldn’t be failing if i left later, I would only be failing if I didn’t enjoy what I set out to enjoy doing. So, my new departure date is now Thursday April 28th. It will still be a tough ask, but it will mean I can leave the apartment polished and should be able to see the final finished product. Pictures soon.

One thought on “Timor Leste Terms of Reference

  1. So what is the likely chance that you may be offered a paying job from these companies and what's the plan if they do?

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