I’ll be back

Just a message to all my fans..

I have a date and it’s set in concrete..
I will be home (well in Melbourne) on the 24th of November.
It’s time to say goodbye to South America (and the fact that my ticket
expires on the 23rd haha)

I’m in Lima at the moment. Peru’s capital nestled on the coast. I’m staying
in super nice suburb (that could easily be the northern beaches or eastern
burbs in Sydney) called Miraflores (translates to Lookflowers)
I’ve been doing too much shopping having bought two pairs of perscription
glasses for like $200 dollars and they will be ready on Monday! So totally
awesome and a pair of shoes and yeah..ooops

All is going well.
Had to leave my beautiful peruvian boy behind which was heart wrenching
after basically living together for a month in Mancora and Trujillo..awww

But..I’m looking forward to the last leg of my trip..the south of Peru,
Cusco and onto to Bolivia, northern Argentina and Buenas Aires and the
finally to Chile and ciao!

I can’t believe it will have been a year away.

Ok sorry for the mundane post..

Hope everyone is doing buenarzo!

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