In the groove

I invested in some lateral thinking exercises, and being the amazing lateral thinker I am, i thought I’d get you lot to solve them for me!

A Vinyl record measures 32cm across. There is a 1cm margin around the edge and a centre label which measures 10cm across. There are 30 grooves per cm. How far does the needle travel if the record is played from start to finish?

2 thoughts on “In the groove

  1. Hehe… this is the same answer I originally had. Unfortunately it is incorrect. I wonder what Aristotle thinks of you using his name all the time…WARNING: HINT BELOW.Whilst the needle does not move around the record, it does move from the outside to the inside of the record…

  2. for a lateral thinker you are stuck in the groove.the needle DOES NOT TRAVEL ANYWHERE, the vinyl record spins on the turntable.

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