Ice Breakers

I’m giving my first tutorial on thursday, and apparently, since my role in the class is ‘facilitator’, not ‘teacher’, I’m after the best ever ice-breakers you have had to do. Some of the ones mentioned so far:

– Skydiving formations
– Tell the crowd about yourself and they guess if its true or false.
– Go around the room and try to match people to a list of stereotypes.
– pair up and tell your partner 1 thing you love, 1 thing you hate and 1 thing you want more then anything else in the world.

If only my HTML programming was good enough, I could whip up an online poll!

2 thoughts on “Ice Breakers

  1. Haha! I love mama cat’s comment! I have to meet this woman, how I like people that take the words out of my mouth. Could’t say it better my self!

  2. the only ice breakers i know that work for me are picks and mixed drinks. everybody knows why they are there and the only ones who are gonna get anything out of any fancy ice breakers (unless they are really fancy mixed drinks!)are the extraverts so why put everybody else through the trauma and bullshit – just get on with could introduce yourself and tell them you got into accounting cos you loved ripping old ladies off out of their $1 shopping trolley refund, or how your first accounting ledger consisted of lots of “found $?.??” and “lost $?.??” to make the balance work!!

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