Posts from Sth America

Keep your eyes on this spot for posts from South America!

I have given Ange and Bryan full access to post some news on the blog to let people from home know how they are going and what crazy adventures they have been upto. Time to face facts really, those overseas are bound to have more fun then those stuck at home! Holiday is where the hearts at! regardless of how much you get paid!

Oh, and For the two gallant adventurers in South America, the pressure is now on for you to actually post something – expecting audiences!

4 thoughts on “Posts from Sth America

  1. Your memory is failing u both, we took the tent poles, we had no issues with the car, and the fishing was excellent.Started the strip in rio de janerio, which is an aright place a bit dangerous at nite though. Portugese is a terrible language to try and learn so i gave up and all i say now is ¨”voce falo ingles” which means dfo you speak english (which is about 0.1% of the population of brazil). Beach was pretty nice at copacaba and ipenema, spendt my first 3 days staying at a hotel, and i got bored. So now i been staying in hostels, which is a better way to meet people.They have their prices all f*$%ed up (can i sware on this) for example,beer AU$1Avergae meal AU$8bottle of vodka cheapest AU$2bottle of vodka maverage AU$5Bottle of average red wine AU$10holywood movie AU$3Anways headed over to foz do iguzu which is a range of waterfalls on the southern inland border between argentina and brazil. Pretty good place recomend visiting. Visited the largest hydroelectric dam in the world that produces 12GW of power, has enough concrete to fill 20 MCG, enough steel to make 43 eifel towers, pretty spectacular. They destroyed a series of waterfalls to build it though, which would have made the list of natural wonders in the world. Oh well the hydroelectic dam made the list of man made wonders of the world.In buenos aires at the moment will update soon.Oh year something funny, i went to the cinema the other day to watch da vinci code, i was probley the only english speaking person in the cinema in argentina watching this movie for AU$3, where the movie was in english, and everyone else has to read the subtitles. Apprently all the holywood movies are in english, with spanish subtitles. They should have removed the subtitled they got in the way of the movie.Bryan

  2. I like how the story has been twisted a little to favour the author! Putting all the blame on Bryan – now that’s what I call manipulating history! The way I recall it was the pair of you seemed very confident that the tent poles would be where they were s’posed to be – in the tent bag. However, nothin’ is ever how it’s s’posed to be with Fullers.I don’t remember gettin’ wet, but I do remember one of the dowel ‘pencils’ (not sticks – that’s how thin they were) snapping as you guys tried to set it up. Then we had three pencils and a piece of wood found in the bush somewhere keeping the material off our heads! I think the tent was about a quarter of a metre high.Shall I continue with the story about the tinny on that lake in Mandurah? To all of you who don’t know, think chewin’ chewing gum every ten mins to frantically plug holes and me scooping out water with a cup or somethin’!Ah… it was an experience! It always is with those two! Or any Fuller males, I might add. Right Mum?

  3. Haha. Yeah, i didn notice you left a lot of stuff behind in your car…For those that don’t know the story: Bryan Rhian and I went camping down south of Perth after Anne-Maries wedding. When we where packing the tent Rhian and I asked Bryan if it had the tent poles in the bag. “Yeah yeah of course.” He said as he packed the second slab of beer. I think we asked him several times before we left. When we arrived for our first night of camping, we unpacked the tent to find that the tent poles where absent. That night Rhian slepot in the car and me and Bryan slept in teh tent, teh top of which was tied to a pine parking post, giving us all of 30 cm breathing room. The following day, we went to teh local hardware store and purchased some dowel sticks to use as tent poles. That night it rained. The dowel sticks lasted a few hours at best. We all woke in the morning draped in wet tent. lucky we had plenty of red wine and chocolate.

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