I’m ok!

All the effort doctoring my Jetstar flight receipt was in vain. The bloody immigration officer didn’t even ask to see it this time. Can’t help but feel i was just a tad unlucky last time because the immigration officer was having a bad day.

Up and about early today but to no avail. I still don’t have transport to kupang yet and time is running out. Off to the Pelni head office now to see if they can help – they have a boat that goes but I don’t know if it will take cargo like a bike.

I know its possible because its been done before, but something tells me the ferries that operate between the islands are different to the Pelni boat.

No visa but I do have a fake return ticket

The Indonesian embassy in Singapore closed at 12. Whaat? Ok, I should have got out of bed earlier, but I though 9:30am was pretty good going.

Engaged my left brain and decided that given most ‘return tickets’ consist of a print out of the receipt from Jetstar, I could simply change the date on teh receipt I had for the flight here. Quick select and copy from Pdf to paint, change the monmth to from June to July and presto… I have a return flight.

I’ll update the blog tonight to let you know how it goes with Indonesian immigrassi.