Profile: Reid Larson AKA ‘The Heartney Heart-Throb’

Reid is one of my 4 flat-mates. Here are some facts:
DOB: 6/10/86 Therefore he becomes of legal age for Sask. in 4 days!
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 6’2″
Taste in music: Old School Rock (Awesome!)
Life Ambition: To be a drunk Aussie. Favourite Drink: Rye & Coke
Quotable Quote: If you ain’t good-looking, I ain’t drunk enough.
Life Philosophy: Once I’m done having fun, I’ll save the world. Mwwaahahahah.
Infamous For:

  • Shooting me in the arm @ pointblank range at paintball when we where on the same team.
  • Drinking 1/2 a bottle of Rye in 2 Hours, hooking up with a Semi-random & not remembering it or the fact he walked around the carpark writing on windscreens.
  • Trying to get into the Owl 2 times in one night, succceeding & lasting only about 30 seconds.
  • Trying to impersonate an Aussie accent when drunk. Its awful. Slander.
  • The White-man dance moves.
  • Inventing dodge-pong

Alvin, AKA Nivla.

Big Shout out to Alvin. We met this guy in the Broken Rack Pool Hall / Bar on the long weekend and he went to the pains of explaining the rules of Grid-Iron to us! It was a big game between to geographically close teams – Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Manitoba) and the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. We also played a few games of pool and drank a few pints of Richards! Since then he has been helping us out with all sorts of stuff, including showing me how to throw a football!

Check out his page:

Thanks Samir…

Thanks must go to Samir for pointing out the subtle differences in media that mostly go unnoticed and slip into our subconscience to prejudice our ideas and beliefs without our knowledge. Were you originally doing marketing Samir, before changing to International studies?