Dinner diary: 130201, Koenji, Japan

It’s official that I really don’t have many friends in Tokyo. After 9 months I still eat the majority of my meals alone. There are lots of reasons for this, the most of which is language and the least of which is the friendliness of the Japanese or myself. Regardless, I take heart in the fact I’m not the only one dining alone and that the food is amazing.

To capture how bearable this situation is I’m starting a new category to this already diversified blog, being the dinner diaries. Each time I dine alone and not at home I will share with you the… Vibe. Perhaps in this way I will feel less alone!

Tonight I’m in Koenji at El Pato, a quant little restaurant bar on my way to some live music at the Penguin bar nearby.




The Head chief and proprietor, Kiyoshi is a busy, bustling goateed young fellow with a woven hat, a friendly nature and good English, which is damn helpful. He is supported by his cariganed side kick and an able waitress. All lovely.

All I needed to say was that I was hungry and he recommended a double slice of roast beef with mash and gravy. How could I refuse!


It was damn good and washed down with a Lost Coast Great White and an Anchor Brewing Liberty Ale. Damn tasty beef and not common in Tokyo. They have a very good selection here and even some recognizable Ravenswood wines for the sommeliers out there.



Here is desert. What’s more to say? Oh the music was mellow and in tune with the atmosphere, and the smells – tantalizing. I could have stayed the night. A great find and highly recommended. Word from the locals is I need to come back and try the spare ribs!


Parents Post

Us Fullers are not know for our tender turn of phrase
Our honesty is mostly raw and pure, often overwhelming and rarely diplomatic.
We craft our terms and carefully choose our words for just a few special people,
Our family, the tax man, the rich man and opponents in any game of chance.
We travel wide and hold our heads with pride, so
Our independence is renowned in many towns.

My story started with Peter and Anne, I call myself a Fuller thanks to them
They are tough and uncompromising on the surface, soft and sentimental below.
My life has been guided by their caring and my spirit encouraged by their daring
They are always there when I need them and sometimes when I dont
My appreciation for all they have done is not as obvious as it should be,
They are my parents, I cannot thank or love them enough to repay the gift of life.