Climate Deniers strategy to take over the Aussie press

For those that thought this blog post was a touch cynical, it now appears that Gina Rinhearts play for Channel 10 and Fairfax Media has recently been exposed as being highly aligned with a media strategy dreamed up by well known Climate Change denier ‘Lord’ Monckton and the mining Industry funded Free-market and climate deniers think tank Mannkal Economic Education Foundation. 

Read the ABC article exposing the plot here:

View excerpts of the board-room meeting where they come up with the plan to take over our media here: Scroll down for YouTube Video

After becoming informed, you may even want to make a donation to GetUP to fight the infiltration of our media from self-interest groups.

Our Pollies are so cheap

Seems like Gina Rinehart is set to become Murdoch Mach 2 and our politicians still don’t have any back-bone.

Gina Rineheart makes play for media influence

Although the prospect of Gina Rineheart using Fairfax media as her personal mouthpiece is worrying what really astounded me was just how cheap our politicians really are:

“After all, if you really want to buy influence in Australia, the going price is peanuts. The mining lobby spent around $20 million in its campaign against the Resource Super Profits Tax; its most effective media presence was in fact a single salaried lobbyist, the Minerals Council of Australia’s Mitchell Hooke. 

Clubs Australia has managed to roll back poker machine reform for a lousy few million, ruthlessly targeted at Labor MPs. 

The total donations across all the Australian political parties, at $230 million, still only slightly exceed what Rinehart spent for a slice of Fairfax.”

Maybe the problem is not the politicians though, maybe its the constituents. Maybe the Australians that are happy earning 14,556 times less than Rina on average have it good enough that they are too apathetic to care.

Leads to the age old adage that all you need to do is feed the peasants to keep them happy.

PS. That will be changing soon too > ‘Climate Change precipitates food shortages & unrest’

Jung & Climate Change

Compare these two quotes and tell me what you think?

“As a child I felt myself alone, and I am still, because I know things and must hint at things which others apparently know nothing of and for the most part do not want to know.” Carl Jung.

“As a climate change consultant I felt myself alone, and I am still as a Sustainability Consultant, because I know things and must hit people over the head with ice melt figures, predicted sea level rises, biodiversity tragedies and the death of the great barrier reef to get them to think of things which they apparently know nothing of and for the most part do not want to know.” Damian Fuller.

I must admit, the climate change argument is a little old, circa 2009.