Travel Links                               Sustainability / Development 

Train & Ferry sites (Asia) Micro-Finance enterprises (Asia)
Pelni Ferries Indonesia  Good Returns MFI fund-raiser
ASDP Vehicle Ferries Indonesia Moris Rasik Micro-Finance Institute
Indomal Express (Malaka – Dumai) Grameen Micro-Finance Bank
Kereta API (Indonesian train operator) Yamida – MFI for poor Indonesian women
Seat61 (Train travel in Asia) – Recommended 
Micro-Finance Participants in Indonesia
KTM Berhad (Malaysian train operator)
Thailand Train Tickets & Schedules Social Enterprises 
Vietnam Train Tickets & Schedules Palmera Projects- Fundraisers
LFS Private Passenger Ferries (Malaysia) Kickstart – Art & Love projects WW.
 Motorbike Travel Links Aid and Development Organisations (Asia)
 BMW Motorbike Club Singapore Development Directory – Indonesia
 Borneo Path Finder WRI Solar Home Systems – Indonesia
 Enduro India E8 – Indonesian projects
 Golden Triangle (GT) Rider Indonesian Renewable Energy Society
 Bearded Rider: Italy to Asia and back by Harley Mercy Corp – Energy 4 All Project
 List of Motorcycle clubs in Asia Renewable Energy Development – Indonesia
 Mad Dog Motorbike Club Singapore ADB – Japan Fund For Poverty Reduction
 Traveling SEA by motorbike with a 9yr old
 Path Finder – Travel Guides Blog Aid and Development Organisations (Africa)
 Ride Malaysia (Guided & Self-guided)
 Storm Riders Motorbike Club Singapore
 London – Darwin
 Curious Perceptions (Hong-Kong – Australia) Aid and Development Organisations (Other)
 United Nations

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