Modern Bavarian Food Diary: Day 7 (Stark Bier Fest)

Warm croissants with jam and Nutella for breakfast with a coffee. Scones and Spezi for morning tea by the river. Dinner was Schupfnudeln (German Potato Pasta similar to Gnocchi) with White Saur Kraut, brussel sprouts, smoked ham, Gyros yoghurt and cracked pepper.  Good preparation for the Stark Bier Fest and 2 x 0.5L of Lowenbrau’s very drinkable and dangerous 7.6% Triumphator Doppelbock (Strong Dark beer). There was also half a pretzel with obatzda (German camembert and cream cheese spread made with beer) somewhere along the way.

Photo credits: Mostly me; Triumphator; Obatzda; Spezi

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