Memories of home, from Lesotho

The peach harvest has come quite late in Lesotho, in my mind, but it is here now, and I’m leaving again! Never mind, there was time in the weekend to harvest, wash, pickle and eat!

Reminded me of Peaches & Cream festival back home in cobram, which according to Wikipedia is Australias oldest festival! Shame that the only other decent reference to it dates back to 1997 on Silverchairs website!

4 thoughts on “Memories of home, from Lesotho

  1. Mmmm… yummy fresh peaches – how I miss thee! Peaches & Cream festival brings back memories. The closest I ever got was helping the cricket club do the clean-up! That was an eye opener. For me, fresh yellow peaches evoke summer and innocence! 😀 And this video makes me miss my little brother.

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