The temple tour

Angela came to visit me. First time we have been overseas together since Greece, 2000! Was a blast.

Had a ball. A high-ball that is.
Swan rides, DonQi aquarium, terrace beers with the mistress.
Whisky with no ice work house parties,
Living like common people, flea markets,
Nemo Demo and calls on the giant porcelain telephone.
Couch surfing micro brews and insider temple fests with –
Geeky Norwegians, Jerks and Yu.
TokyoDex, The Watanabes, Jimmy Blinks and the Shakehorns.
The golden poo, USDs, downpours, Delphine and Snow monkeys.
Ramen, Gyoza, Izikaya, satay, sushi breakfast, lunch and tea.

And I you.

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