Japanese apartment: Very small but very cute!

 Study / Lounge / Bedroom
At least I fit in the bed completely
Kitchen & bathroom

 Almost always worried about banging my head on something!

1 year!? Just may go a little stir crazy.

6 thoughts on “Japanese apartment: Very small but very cute!

  1. my first thought of you living on that tiny apt was exactly the same..he might bang his head on something 😛
    einwei…have fun, dude!

  2. Great place D,good to know you've got some creature comforts, the nomad settles on a Toto for a little while 😉 lol…might find yourself some visitors in no time…hehe…

  3. Yeah mate, I have a Toto. Warmest seat in the house and it sure beats pipin' 'n' wipin'.

    Must say though, anyone that uses the pulse function us just doing it for fun. 🙂

    PS. Swissbeats – got any contact details for Taco? 😉

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