Price points (Bali & Tokyo)

This time, its refreshing to be in Bali. For my wallet anyway!

Price point comparison of Bali to Tokyo:

Cheap accommodation (per night) including pool / onsen
Feed (Entrée + Local staple + Beer)
Back & neck massage

All prices in AUD and estimated/averaged.
Food in Bali: Satay sticks, Nasi Goreng & Bintang (375ml)
Food in Tokyo: Salmon Sashimi, Ramen with Miso sauce,Sapo (330ml)
There is no doubting though that the quality in Japan is much, much higher, although I never bothered to pay the $60 for the massage there. As a travel destination it boils down to what you want, either:
A decent, relaxing but not superb back & neck massage 12 days in a row from a girl who probably learnt from her mum and knows nothing of biology, in a sightly seedy place where you probably never feel comfortable taking your eyes off your wallet or taking your boxer shorts off for fear of sending the wrong message; 
One massage, including complimentary foot scrub, hot face towel and where the massues has a degree in physiology and forces you to take a shower because they don’t want to touch your sweaty body. Kimono’s are provided after the shower to prevent you trying to send the wrong message.
Apply the same concepts to food, accommodation and public transport and then decide which travel destination is best for you. 

2 thoughts on “Price points (Bali & Tokyo)

  1. Yeah, would have had my money (if I had any) on that one. 🙂

    Won't be there Christmas 2013 at this stage, but you never know. New years Day 2013 Yes.

    Not sure about the holiday house rentals… but even then on price I think your better off looking for house sitting opportunities, what with mum, dad and Rhians qualifications 😉

  2. Yeah I'm definitely a Tokyo girl then 🙂 but you probably figured that already. Do they do holiday house rentals in Japan…maybe the whole family can rent a house and come for a visit. Christmas in July…maybe 2013 though, you still be there then?

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