A small selection of the weird, wonderful & tasty that only the Japanese would invent.

 Mmm, Hot Soba with whitebait & seaweed! The book – “Reimagining Japan” by McKinsey, an excellent collection of essays from those who should know on what the future of Japan should be and what is needed to get there. 
 Cabbages that look like flowers or flowers that look like pretty cabbages?
 Soba noodle making in action
 Soba noodle appetite building!
 Some places remind me so much of that cult classic – “Ghost in the Shell”.
 Earthquake while in Roppongi Hills Tower – Not – Just a zoom photo.
 Tokyo Tower from Roppongi Hills Tower
 Funghi Soba with Pork, beer and notes. How do they make it so tasty?!
Notice anything special here? 2WD bicycle!

5 thoughts on “Japaneseish

  1. Thanks L, yep the visit was great and definitely confirmed that it would be a great place to work as well. Japan has a few challenges on the horizon that could really use a wholesome and sustainable view to fix them. In the past people have just lamented the economy and wondered how to fix the economy… really it goes way beyond that.
    More on this soon! Hope you had a good christmas and NYE!

  2. Good to hear you're still planning to work in Tokyo 🙂 Nice pics too, I always wanted to visit. Looks like you had a great time…

  3. Here until the 5th Jan then Bali and back in Dili on Monday 9th.

    Hopefully back in Japan full time from early Feb.

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