Day 2 / 3 Tokyo Bike ride

Went back to Ofuna, fetched up the bike and set of for Kamakura. At teh outset, I intended to return the bike to Tokyo, then I realised – whats the rush? Japan has such a low crime rate, people leave their bicycles unlocked and all over the place – I could just head to another train station at the end of the day, park the bicycle and head home.

<p>&amp;lt;a href=”″&amp;gt;Day 2 of 3 Tokyo Ride&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt;&amp;lt;br/&amp;gt;&amp;lt;a href=” Prefecture”&amp;gt;Find more Cycling Routes / Bike Rides in Kanagawa Prefecture&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt;</p>
Oh yeah, why don’t I just take the bike home on the train? Although Japan is a really bike friendly place did I mention your not allowed to take a bike on the train unless it is in a carrier or bag. Helps explain why there are so many foldable bicycles here.
 One of many temples in Kamakura
 The path to enlightenment?
 My temple!
Mt Fuji on the right
Was a wonderful day of cycling today, although the slightly hilly atmosphere killed the battery, which I had been conserving for a while. Plus, also worked out that the train tickets are costing me +$10 each way… Japan is a great place but oh so expensive! 

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