Almost feel like a mechanic

First real service of the Bike for me on the weekend:

  • Warning light inspection and check
  • Throttle grip free-play inspection and adjustment
  • Idle speed inspection and adjustment
  • Coolant filter inspection and clean
  • Coolant inspection and replacement
  • Fuel hose, connection and tank inspection
  • Air cleaner inspection and clean
  • Brake fluid level inspection and replacement (Front & Back)
  • Fuse box inspection
  • Worn nut, seals and bolt replacement (~15 in total! One bloody bolt had to turned from an allen-key bolt into a flat head screwdriver bolt with a metal file only 10cm long)
  • Bash plate ‘straightening’

Still to go over the next 2 days of public holidays:

  • Smashed/melted rear right indicator repair / replacement – No mum I didn’t crash, girls just keep knocking it when they get on/off my bike! 😉
  • Horn replacement
  • Fuel filter inspection and clean
  • Fuel line clean
  • Radiator grill inspection and clean
  • Clutch play inspection and adjustment

Still to go when I get someone organised to send me some brake pads from Australia (Any volunteers?):

  • Front and rear brake pad replacement

Things to think about:

  • When I removed the fuel tank, the manual said to disconnect 3 hoses. I could only find 2! Still baffled!
  • Coolant was clean and radiator full but coolant filter was full of black flakes… Any ideas?
  • Bike still feels like it is getting too hot even though no temperature warning light comes on.
  • Bike occasionally cuts out with the clutch still fully in when I put it into first gear for the first time… this is the most concerning, hoping that the clutch inspection will give me some hints.

Big thanks to the Sydney S&CC team who got me a Leatherman multi-tool as a parting gift. Big thanks to Maria also for replacing it when it was lost on the way to Maliana with Dad. It has been very very useful.

2 thoughts on “Almost feel like a mechanic

  1. Did you get break pads?

    Oh and maybe you should stop giving girls a lift on your bike if they keep breaking it 🙂

  2. Continued to work on the bike on Wednesday and found:
    – The black flakes in the coolant filter were paint flakes from the radiator
    – The radiator is banged up pretty bad with bits of rock and dirt in all the little air passages. I think it might be causing the problem with the heating and probably needs to be replaced.
    – Still unsure about the clutch.

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