The environment here is just damn strange
There are different currents going many different ways
At times I’m stuck in a whirlpool of human emotions, mine and others.

At once
Fighting strongly in the rough chop of intellectual challenge
Enjoying my work
And then
Tiring and drowning under waves of cultural misunderstanding
Despairing the work

Once again
Buoyed and lifted by an unexpected gust of inspiration
Applauding the development world
And then
Depressed and sucked under by carelessness and arrogance
Despising the development world

Once more
Whipped into ecstasy and elation whirling around and around
Meeting new people
And then
Spat into a backwater, still, quiet, deep, cold and devoid of anything remotely human.
All alone

3 thoughts on “Whirlpool

  1. Thanks for your comments, they are both reassuring. I think this poem alarmed a few people, it wasn't meant to. In many respects I see this as how life should be, sometimes.

    Sometimes, it should be peaceful and organised and not 'messy'.

    I wonder if I might need to move on from living in a messy bedroom where I know where everything is but nobody else can find or (understand) what I'm looking for / talking about!

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