Ainaro & Manufahi Field Trip

In late August I managed to head out with a translator for my first field trip – an Energy Needs Assessment.

Number of clients interviewed:
Languages spoken:
Number of Centre Meetings:
Distance Travelled:
Number of Districts:
Days on the road:
Number of Sucos:
Total Cost:

Centre Meeting in Ainaro
The bike in Same
The assessment went ok. We we underwhelmed by the lack of energy access and the difficulty of explaining how solar lighting systems work and their benefits to people who have hardly seen electricity in operation. In hindisght, I really should have taken a few products along, I didn’t because I was worried about tainting the markets perception of the products available.

Renato (my translator) and his aunt and cuzs in Same

It was so cold in the mountains in Maubesse we got the open fire going!
At the end of a very long, dusty and tiring week, the assessment was a sad success I guess – not one of the 96 clients interviewed had access to grid electricity. 10 had solar panels. On average 70% want solar power of some description. 

2 thoughts on “Ainaro & Manufahi Field Trip

  1. Cheers Monique, I will be glad when I have got it out of the way and I can get back to the real work! Hopefully It'll be done this week.

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