Some bastard stole my helmet

Why I listened to the bloke who said to put my helmet on the floor I don’t know. It was a pretty good spot. Under a low chair, next to a pole, behind the waitresses stand. I was less than 3 meters away, between the helmet and the door and I knew all the people around me.

It survived less than 2 hrs. Whoever stole it must have literally brushed past me on their way out. Unless they stayed, hoping I would move on. What I don’t understand is why, nearly 3 hours later they gracefully left a very shitty old helmet on the back of my bike, 10 minutes after I reported the theft to the bar staff and with only about 15 people left in the bar. 

3 thoughts on “Some bastard stole my helmet

  1. Thanks Anonymous's.

    The more I think about it the more I think they were in the bar waiting for me to leave before they left, which is why the shitty helmet showed up on my bike very late in the night.

    Maybe not so much someone who knows me but highly likely someone who has seen the helmet before and watched where I put it. Kinda creepy.

    I've talked to a lot of people here and apparently there is not much of a 2nd hand market so their is a good chance I will see the idiot who stole it riding around at some point in the next few months.

  2. Whoever stole it, somehow knows you. Prolly a local or a bar staff. Hid your helmet somewhere in the bar, waiting till everyone leave.
    Really sorry abt your helmet, you know a good helmet is a fashion statement. I hope you find it soon. Good luck!

  3. Post a “wanted – head to go with this shitty helmut” add & you might get a head start on finding the culprit responsible for this headless crime!

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