Rocket! Go Bang!

A mate of mine, Richard Nolan is doing the Oxfam 100km Trail Walker challenge with a bunch of friends. This is the second time they have done it but thus time they are trying to get it done in under 24hrs. Last time they just wanted to finish, and they did, in about 30hrs from memory.

The Oxfam 100km Trail Walker Challenge is a charity event to raise money for Poverty Alleviation. The Sydney event takes place in Northern Sydney and faces some pretty tough ups and downs, with about 10 150m ascents.

They boys are very dedicated to the cause, having put in numerous training hours, organised poker nights and even a gala dinner. Richy even underwent a chest wax ala ’40yr old virgin’ style. Just to be clear though, Richy is not 40 years old.

They are very close to there $5000 fundraising target, if you would like to support them and help them over the line you can click here tp donate via their official Oxfam Trailwalker Page.

Good luck boys.

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