South East Asia by Harley

I ran into this Italian guy on the street in Jakarta. He has riden his Harley from Italy down through the Stans, China, Pakistan, India and then itno SEA, through Indonesia to Bali where he sips the bike to Japan and then goes home through China, Russia and Mongolia.

He had some great info on the Chinese / Pakistan border which unfortunately wasn’t promising. But what got me most was his quiet, understated nature. Then I checked out his website and was blown away by his photos, they are beautiful.

You can check out his pictures here – be patient, there are a lot so it takes a while to load.

2 thoughts on “South East Asia by Harley

  1. Yeah, I can definetely say that is the case. Especially given all the info I gleaned from him about the Chinese border. But it may be that he knows it now after passing through. Even having gone through everything in the last 3 weeks, I still maintain it is best to be here.

  2. The Italian bloke got his bike but not you… It looks like the Italians are better organised than the Aussies. What happened to the world;-)

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