Bike update

So, apparently it takes about 2.5 days for a bike to be loaded in Singapore, shipped to Jakarta and unloaded in Jakarta. Then in takes about 2.5 days for the shipping paper work to be arranged here in Jakarta. End of story is that I cannot even commence the customs paper-work until tomorrow, 5 days after the bike was shipped from Singapore.

The Db Schenker contact here in Jakarta, Mr Dody, has been very friendly, but i can’t help but get teh feeling he is deliberately delaying me for some reason, and my sinister mind draws up images of him arranging with his cronies a paperwork maze that will enable them to extract a variewty of bribes from me.

Combine this with the fact i’ve had the first dreams i’ve had for about 2 years, that i’m reading C.G.Jung’s memoirs on the unconscious, that the place i’m staying in is maze for the conscience, that I’ve not had a feeling of being ‘In motion’ (see comments on Buckminster Fuller here) and you might begin to understand that describing my mental state as ‘agitated’ is a bit of an understatement.

2 thoughts on “Bike update

  1. I agree, again! 🙂 Yeah, I went for a swim at Hotel Ibis the other day, it was great and 'cooled' the brain.

    If I was just on holidays I would be fine with waiting, but I really want to get to Timor leste to start work! Plus they have been expecting me.

  2. This will seem like a lame idea but seriously….go for a swim. I reckon either swimming laps or just floating around is one of the best ways to clear the mind and relax. And really does it matter if it takes 5 days and a few more bribes after all you're on holiday and I'm sure your schedule and pocket won't mind too much 🙂

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