Parents Post

Us Fullers are not know for our tender turn of phrase
Our honesty is mostly raw and pure, often overwhelming and rarely diplomatic.
We craft our terms and carefully choose our words for just a few special people,
Our family, the tax man, the rich man and opponents in any game of chance.
We travel wide and hold our heads with pride, so
Our independence is renowned in many towns.

My story started with Peter and Anne, I call myself a Fuller thanks to them
They are tough and uncompromising on the surface, soft and sentimental below.
My life has been guided by their caring and my spirit encouraged by their daring
They are always there when I need them and sometimes when I dont
My appreciation for all they have done is not as obvious as it should be,
They are my parents, I cannot thank or love them enough to repay the gift of life.

7 thoughts on “Parents Post

  1. Thanks L, I have read a bit about Buckminster Fuller before but never had it explained that well to me before.

    On the idea of being in motion – I always feel the happiest when I'm in motion, when I'm 'doing'. I find that the hardest part is getting started, once your started you can steer in the direction of doing something that adds value. If try to steer towards something that adds value before you start, you don't gt anywhere because you are not in motion, its like turning the steering wheel in a car when its not moving, nothing happens.

    So get started people!

  2. We appreciate your public words of love and affection.A better mothers day present is impossible to imagine.Generally actions speak a lot louder than words but occassionally words do get ya

    We also had a very special mothers day at J&D's with 4generation female line[photos to follow]

    Thank you both.

  3. I don't like the 'granted' on the last line. Any suggestions? I couldn't think of anything that rhymed. 😦

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