Strange feeling

Got a little shock just now, someone was gonna throw a bottle, he was gonna chuck a can.
Realised some of my best friends were racist and I probably was too
What can you do, when your parents would rather shoot you then eat tofu?

Got a little shock just now, someone was gonna go to far, he was gonna cut a man.
Realised a little to late it wasn’t the best place for a date
What will she think, when I don’t wear a tie or cuff-link

Got a little shock just now, I said something nice, she flashed her pearly whites
Realised all the books were right, happiness is but a fight between your body & brain
What will you say, when at the end of the que they ask “How are you”?

Got a little shock just now, I caught the hidden look, got the subtle sign.
Realised I was blind, naive and probably just plain high
What will we believe in the end, when the end is nigh, fear is rife and there appears to be nothing after life.

4 thoughts on “Strange feeling

  1. I really like the way it works, not too sure about some of the content though. Do u not normally start with some form of rhythm when writing? For me content or theme or whatever usually comes first but I don't really put anything on paper till I have some sort of metre/structure. Content usually flows easily, it's the structure that's difficult and therefore in my mind – important to get right first!

  2. This was a real strange writing experience. It was like trying to throw left handed – I'm not sure I like the result but I like the idea of being able to throw left handed!

    I think whatever it is – movement / beat is because I kicked it off with a line from Stutter Rap and just tried to keep the structure going… thats about it.

  3. Love the movement and alliteration in this. Did the beat just come to you or did you consciously design it? It's very… Kanye-ish! Do u like his stuff? Rhian

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