I’ve recently started taking more notice of how other people persuade me. I used to think that I was pretty immune to peer group pressure and certainly wasn’t interested in pleasing people for the sake of it or popularity. Self centered is probably a fair description of me most of the time. However, recently I’ve felt that a few people have had some kind of persuasive grip on me, and it has a wierd love/hate feel to it. I want to please these people because I admire them (either for the wrong or right reasons) but then the ingrained skeptic in me politely niggles away at my recently earned satisfaction by pointing out I was just persuaded to do something which had little or no benefit to myself – not even the warm inner glow of philanthropy.

I admire persuasive people. They get stuff done. So, i’m determined to brush up on what makes people persuasive so that:
1. I can be more persuasive and get more stuff done
2. I can tell when someone is trying to be persuasive with me, call them on it and see what happens.

Persuasive Tip #1.

I did some research. The first site I landed on was this one: Its terrible. It really pissed me off because it was like reading a climate deniers handbook on how to deal with hard facts. Don’t listen to anything they say, trust me and wait for Persuasive Tip #2, I’ll find something much better than this site!

One thought on “Persuasion

  1. When updating the blog I came across an old post in draft that triggered my original motivation for a little research into persuasion. It all came about because I was lucky to come under the influence of some persuasive people that used their persuasiveness for the greater good.

    The people I’m thinking of in particular are:

    Amanda Mackenzie of AYCC fame
    Abarna Raj of Palmera Projects fame
    Simon Sheikh of GetUp! fame

    All of these people have managed to take a minor motivation of mine and translate it into action, leaving me wondering why I just did what I did, but feeling good about it nonetheless.

    Persuasiveness is not a dirty word. The marketing and PR industry have been building and impressive arsenal of persuasiveness over the last 100 years. Climate change advocates could use their help in achieving some of the global behavioural changes that is needed in peoples minds to achieve a sustainable future.

    The actions that we need to take are better written here:

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