Falling upwards

Terribly distracted, a butterfly on the breeze
blown from thought to feeling and,
back again.
Flying forward, flittering and faltering
finding an eddy, calm and peaceful

Its a trap, its a tide or a rip.
An unseen danger, an ice berg
much more than the tip.

Extremely impulsive, a puppy off the lead
following its nose, from certainty to doubt and,
back again.
Running with the scent,
digging up a bone.

Its a prize, its recognition or reward.
An unknown commodity, a risk
much more than you bargained for.

Incredibly terrified, a fish out of water
flipping and flopping from hope to dissapointment and
back again.
Fighting to be free in the sea,
obscure, annonymous, safe.

Its a fight, its winning and losing.
An unknown opponent, ego
much more than you can comprehend.

Absolutely invincible, a teenager haunted by hormones,
chasing a trend, from end to end,
back again.
Ignoring the warning,

2 thoughts on “Falling upwards

  1. Brilliant! Hmm… I need to email you about this one. When did you write this? How many drafts? How long did it take you? I'm gonna copy it into Word and look at it in further depth offline. You okay with that?

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