Single or alone

Being single really cops a lot of abuse these days. Apparently the only reason someone would want to be single is so they can sleep around. I think being single has a lot more going for it than that.

(Bias alert: I’m single and enjoy it)

  • Being single means you can do what you want, when you want (with one minor exception)

If that means saving boy soldiers from Sudan or watching the football and drinking beer all Saturday, or buying as many shoes as you want or shopping for as long as you want or partying until all hours or studying until all hours – its your choice, totally up to you.

  • being single means being ultimately responsible for the most important thing in your life – you!

If your a slob, its your fault. If your an amazing person, the credits all yours. Any change you make, you can take the credit.

  • being single helps you take more risks and be rewarded for it

As a single person your much more motivated to get out in the world to meet new people and experience new things. You only have to deal with your risk-reward appetite, not your partners.

  • Being single means you can enjoy the moment more

Sadly, most couples are way to engrossed in each other to fully appreciate and enjoy the present moment. At least some portion of their attention will be consumed with thoughts for or about their other half.

  • being single opens your eyes and mind to more opportunities

Single people are more hungry for social interaction and cultural experiences because they do not have a significant other to fall back on for stimulation this gives them a natural advantage in identifying opportunities for unique experiences

  • being single means you can be flexible

Single people only have one social calendar and risk appetite to navigate. They can make decisions faster because they don’t need to consult.

Of course, being in a relationship has a multitude of benefits as well – but that is widely accepted by society. The benefits of being single seem to get trampled on by one huge fear – loneliness. But without the threat of loneliness what would drive single people onto experience after experience? The threat of loneliness is what drives the hunger for social interaction that couples don’t have.

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