Rythym of Blood

Sweat rolls down my ribs, undulating rapids of bone,
the droplets ripple to the tune of a muscular drum,
pouring out a rythym of blood.

Air catches in my chest, an ivory home
while bile rises in my throat, hairs rise on the dome
my body shakes with the adrenalin rush,
riding on a rythym of blood.

The chase is on and the games begin,
dry lips are licked, rough ‘n’ rice paper thin,
revealing a cheeky grin.

Neurons sparkle and die
Eyes twinkle, I just might fly.
The stomach line twists and twitches,
a muscular drum beats a hymn of blood.

Fingers linger, flesh bumps and shivers,
the mind moves quick and the synapse is lit,
dreams ignite and spread their light.
Savour every moment of it.

6 thoughts on “Rythym of Blood

  1. Rhian you always criticise my grammar but never provide any specific examples or feedback so that I can improve.

    I'm happy to learn but you need to point out specifically what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it!

    So, consider this a request to provide some specific examples for me to improve my grammar!

  2. This could easily be a about a number of things. I like the versatility of it.

    I hate to be a grammar nazi but I wonder if you could perhaps do a short writing course or something to work on your punctuation! r hire an editor! (My services are free)

    It would serve your poem so much better.

    Then again, it could be the formatting of this blog site that wrecks it!

  3. Thanks Jev, I can see the connection. It was written more about those activities/games that get your heart pumping in general, but reading over it I wonder if my sub-conscious was thinking about a few particular things.

  4. It is so good to see you writing and sharing again. You are inspiring me… and it takes a bit to get this lazy arse in gear! 🙂

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