Travel is escapism?

After a few drinks a friend recently told me that she thought travelling in order to find ‘ones self’ was a load of wank and just an excuse to selfishly indulge on all those things you cant do when your friends, partners or parents are around.

At first I was puzzled because I didn’t understand why you couldn’t simply do those things in your ordinary day to day life if thats what you really wanted. Then I realized, doing them away from everybody in a secret second life enabled you to return to who you were originally without any hiccups if you didn’t really like what you had become.

Kind of obvious when you realize that there is an online Many multi-player online role play game (MMPORG) game called “second life” in which you can change your life for better without leaving your desk. I guess thats the appeal, and I can see it (having been addicted to Grand Theft Auto since V1).

So, I guess the next time I go travelling I should really ask myself if I’m trying to escape my friends, family, patner etc so that when I return I can be me again?

3 thoughts on “Travel is escapism?

  1. Yes, by doing the things I wouldn't normally do I can determine if I should normally be doing them!

    However, for me, the point of travel is that it helps me be open minded and focused on experiencing the moment.

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