Ultimate Frisbee – FCUTS

I have decided to take up ultiamte frisbee this summer. I had so much fun with the ‘Mothers Finest’ team in Canada that I had to take this sport up again! We only ever won one game that I can remember, but hell it was so good until we started to take it too seriously!

Besides it remioned me of 4ths and 3rds Football where I played 3 seasons for about 3 wins! (Going on 18 games a season, thats Stats of: Losses 51, Wins 3.)

As everybody knows, Ultimate is mixed sex sport so we really need to encourage some girls to get involved. Its anything but serious and they have 4 divisions based on skill, so their is always going to be beginners.

Checkout http://www.ufnsw.com.au/uts/ for more details.

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Frisbee – FCUTS

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY To the best lookin’ bloke in Sydney!Hee hee 🙂Love you, have a good one!(I know technically it’s not the 18th yet… but I’m gettin in early.Cheers!

  2. I’d love to join up… but I don’t finish work or uni until 6pm most nights (Mon-Sat) so I don’t have much time to attend any training, practices or games… I did notice there was a Canberra team… If I get the final “OK” from DMO, then I might inquire there next year 🙂 Sounds like awesome fun though.BTW pictures from my party are up on the blogg – there’s a few of you, Rich and Heef amongst others.

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