I know I haven’t been posting much lately, I’m sure people will argue with me but statistical computer programming doesn’t leave much room for creative thought processes…

For those that didn’t get the email – Paintball is happening on Sunday October the 29th.

Why so far away? because if you book a month in advance you get 100 free paintballs (worth $20). So anybody interested you need to contact me before the 29th of September if you want your free paintballs, otherwise simply before the 22nd of October to get your $10 discount!

So assuming you contact me before the 22nd of Ocotober prices are as follows:

400 paintballs + gun + lunch = $60
600 paintballs + gun + lunch = $80

For every extra 100 paintballs you buy on the day they will cost you $20.

You will need to make your way out to edwards rd, Rouse Hill by about 9 am. Any late registrants forefeit their discounts!

4 thoughts on “Paintball

  1. Average size. You should have got it by now. 😦I sent it to your home address – you don’t have a different postal address do you?I hope u get them.

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