Talking abouit a year away

Its has been over a year since I flew out to London, and over a year since I flew from London to Canada! How time flies… in two and a half months I will hopefully be finished Honours! Funny how our lives can be seperated into such small segments.

Some of the things I have forgotten to tell you in the past year because they weren’t that interesting then!

When I arrived at Regina international airport, I was confident there would be no problems going through customs. It was late – around midnight. The flight had been slightly delayed. My transfer (Richard from the exchange office) was waiting for me. I didn’t have a student visa because I was staying in Canada less then 6 months… When the Canadian immigration offical asked me what I was doing in Canada, I said studying, of course.

I’m not sure if she was new to her job or what, but she wouldn’t let me pass! Despite the law being that i didn’t need a visa, she thought it a good idea that she prepare a special visa which indicated all the restrictions of a student visa. In fairness it was because I was leaving the country after 5 months and coming back in again! Unfortunately she needed to process all the other passengers first, then she needed to contact the emergency IT department because she needed to overide certain controls to make this ‘special’ visa. I wonder what those controls were in place for?

Eventually I got away at about 2am. Poor Richard! Then of course there were the problems when I flew into Vancouver from Seattle, they looked at my now expired ‘special’ visa and said; “What the hell is this?” Yay, more delays, except this time it was Alvin who had to wait about an hour before they shook their head in exasperation and let me go free!

I still say none of it was my fault! Don’t even let me get started on the stupidity of the fact that you need a US visa even if you only transit through the country but stay more then 3 or 6 months!

7 thoughts on “Talking abouit a year away

  1. Mum, is that you pretending to be nan or is it actually nan? It was good to have you up in Sydney Nan, too bad I couldn’t provide with the artichoke! Hope you have a good trip over to NZ and try not to let mum and dad get to you too much! Take care.

  2. I love damian too – he’s absoultly gorgeous.hes’ helpfull, friendly, I can snuggle under his armpits!and always gives me a hug and kiss.I had a lovely time at easter,especially his meals he even shared his bed with me!

  3. Wow have got me thinking.. I have known damo for actually 6 years this all started with a boney t-shirt (Damo..PLEASE TELL ME you DON’T STILL HAVE THAT!)I’d like to add a few reasons why I love Damo..*clears throat*– He IS open minded..if he wasn’t he wouldn’t have been able to put up with my friendship for so long!– he likes to give clothes second (third, fourth and fith) chances and doesnt give a damn about fashion.– he’s so cryptic always keeping me guessing (and sometimes makes me crazy!)-takes ‘handmade/homemade’ gifts and wears them. jaja-one of the only guys i know who writes good (great) snails..-is a creative cooker..grapefruit fish soup-anyone??-and no matter where we are in the world..i know we will still be mates..and that makes him special.. (along with everyone else in the world) no that makes him Damo..muchos besos amigo Cuscox x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  4. Hi Alvin, Reid and Magda. You three helped make exchange an experience I’ll never forget! I know that whatever you all do, you will have fun doing it… in some cases Reid may not remember it but he’ll still have fun! Thankyou so much and hurry up and get your arses to Australia one day so you can escape those cold cold cold nights! I did receive an email from Alex recently, she is doing well, very busy with uni but still plenty of time for a beer or two! Right Alex? Good luck with Steph, Alvin and I hope in 6 months or so you can write a list like what Magda has blessed me with, yet the pleasure was all mine. For the record they were real thongs I wore in december, as in footwear… I don’t take after my father THAT much! Although snow between the toes is a bit much! Thankyou.

  5. Many people associate this day (9/11) with terror, I did too until I met this silly Aussie:). exactly one year ago there was a toga party at the Lazy Owl. I’ve met him before but this time I saw this Aussie from different perspective….and it wasn’t because of his accent…A few reasons I fell and just kept on falling in love with Damian Vincent Fuller:·He actually call me like he said he would!·He made me manwiches·He’s so social and open minded to strangers·He was a volunteer·He said he liked to wear thongs (for me that was G- strings)·He wore thongs in December! ·He took care of me when I was sick·He sneaked up on hares everytime we went for a walk late at night·He always says the right things (except one or two times)·He surprised me with a limo and a fancy schmancy restaurant when we went to see Chicago·He’s fascinated by ice!·He never agrees with me, but always agree to disagreeJ·He sent me a rose to my parents’ home when I got back from Canada·He amazed me and still amazes me·He’s intelligent·He’s patient, specially with meJ·He makes me feel special even though he made it really clear to Im not ‘cause everyone’s special·He’s a silly boyOf course there’s more reasons but I kept them to my self…

  6. I just got back to Regina yesterday evening, and I actually found myself thinking of this time last year, when out of boredom I went to the Broken Rack and met you and Alex (speaking of whom, have you heard from her lately???). I remember myself debating whether I should go or not too (to the bar that is). I’m so glad I went, my year last year would not have been so awesome if I have never met you!It’s definately going to be different this year without you, and I wish you crazy kids could be back here to spend another semester here. I saw Steph last night, and she reminded me of meeting you last year. Afterall, it was through exchange students that I met her. I met Sona through you, and after a stupid drunken mistake (yes, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I remember those) I met Steph through Sona. And now Steph and I have this great relationship that endured NINETY-FOUR days without seeing each other through the summer (it was difficult, and I can’t say there weren’t any temptations on either side, but we made it).What a crazy year it was last year. I wish you the best, with your honours and otherwise. I’m into my honours year as well and will be writing my thesis all this year (on mild trauamtic brain injury and its effects on emotion [with a special focus on depression]). Take care!

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