Got you by the goat.

Some of us would have heard of this one or something similar before;

A farmer has a bag of chook food, a chook and a fox which he needs to get to the opposite side of a river. He can only take one item at a time across in his boat. For obvious reasons he cannot leave certain items on any side of the river together, i.e., the chook and chook food, the chook and the fox. How does he get all three items to the other side of the river?

5 thoughts on “Got you by the goat.

  1. take the chook over 1st, then go back and pick up the chook food. Take the chook back with him to pick up the fox. swap the fox and the chook over. Take the fox to the side with the chook food on. and then go back for the chook. simple xxx

  2. Bryan… the way your brain works, its amazing! Solution:You take the chook across first, leave it on the other side. Go back, get the fox or the chook feed and take it across and leave it there. Take the chook back across to the original side, leave it behind and take the last item across and leave it with the second last item (chook feed or fox). Go back empty handed, pickup the chook and make the final trip across.

  3. He takes the fox across firstmeanwhile the chook eats the chook food, which fattens up the chook. he takes the chook over the other side lites a fire, eats the chook.Later that night it starts to get cold, hwoever the fox does seem to feel the cold,hmm does the guy have a knife?Bryan

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