WinkMan & WinkWoman

I want to start a new craze, but its not a craze like a fashion fad, or cool slang, and its not for my own personal benefit (although it could be) and I don’t want to start it just so I can call it mine, Best yet, it has the potential to make the world a better place (yes, I’m ambitious!).
The new craze will be:
This idea started a while ago and has (upto now) been a personal mood booster. When I’m walking along, a little glum for no particular reason other then lifes not fair – I make eye contact with a (usualy female) passerby, and wink at them. The thing with winking is, you just can’t help but smile! Your scrunching up half your face and it naturally lifts your lips into a smile… and if they see you, the passerby can’t but help smile back. Just a small way of making somebodies life interesting and making them feel good about themselves. It doesn’t have to be a passerby of the opposite sex, it can be whatever you feel most comfortable with.
Now, as I discussed with Nick some time ago, for best results – don’t make the wink too suggestive or obvious and most importantly – reserve your wink for ordinary people and never use it on two people in a row! In that one blink of an eye you need to convey a special meaning, you have to make the passer-by believe the wink is only for them, and the only way of doing that is to make sure it IS just for them.
By avoiding winking at only drop-dead beautiful people you are also setting yourself up for a better response, because your engaging people who don’t expect it and who possibly aren’t used to the attention. Besides, beautiful people get enough attention – its time for the ordinary folk to rebel!
Coming soon: The Just Jeans / Canada Exchange inspired Free Hug Coupon coming to a back pocket near you!

Site Changes

Thanks for the post Ange! Look forward to the next instalment.

I hope some of you have noticed some changes to the site. Let me know how you like them and feel free to make some suggestions for other changes.

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Saludos de Peru!

So there has been a request from the creator himself on a ‘Day-in-the-life-of-Ange-in-Peru post’ so well here it is..and because i have a tendency to write a LOT, I will write in a couple of parts. It’s really such a different world and it’s all so normal to me now. My day begins with the alarm like any working person and it will be set for the latest time possible. I have a cold shower (there is no such thing as hot water here in Piura unless you pay something like $50 USD a night at a fancy hotel..pfff whatever) for like a minute to wash off all the dirt from the day before. I don’t fancy a cold shower at night, even in a Piurian Summer, so I go to bed dirty. I greet my family ‘Buenas Dias’ and whoever else is in my house and head to the bakery for breakfast.

I meet the other volunteers at 8.30am and we get into a combi (it’s a mini
bus meant for let’s see..maybe 17 people but they will try and squeeze as
many people, animals -including dead fish, turkeys and today Cedric had a
screaming goat- as they can) but it’s normal. And if you are REALLY lucky
you will be stuck up the back next to the fattest smelliest men or woman
ever with the driver going at a ridiculous speed and you will hit your head
constantly on the roof because these buses are NOT made for gringos. You
will also have the attention of the entire bus with your blue or green eyes
or light hair. Your every move. And the questions ‘�Donde eres?’ o ‘�Que
pais?’ (Where are you from? or What country?) A great start to the morning. We arrive in La Arena in about half an hour. And get a moto-taxi (motobike taxi) to Alto de los More where the school is. Passing through the town of mud brick and straw homes or the chakras (farms) with horses and donkeys pulling carts of reeds and people drying corn out the front of their homes and dirty looking children playing in the streets with their boney dogs.

We arrive at the primary school which has around 250 students from ages 5-14 (I have an 11 yo in my first grade and 14 yo in my fifth grade..there are no special classes for kids with learning disabilities and kids get kept down all the time)The school has seven class rooms, the principals office and a small playground, the rest is dirt. There are maybe four unflushing toilets, a small garden and a tin shed for a kitchen (canteen) Ok that’s all for now..I will continue a typical day next time


lamron – backwards logic.

Try this logic on for size and validity:

Consider a world where everybody is special or different and where normal is defined as the most popular choice or the most likely outcome. Being different and special is clearly the most popular choice or outcome. Therefore being different and special is clearly normal.

If being different and special is clearly normal, and everybody is special and different, everybody must be normal because we defined normal as the most popular choice or most likely outcome (being different).

If everybody is normal, nobody is different and only some people may be special (those who weren’t simply special because they were different).

Clearly, this world cannot exist. In fact where normal is given by a majority, a priori, we cannot have a world where a majority of people are different – because that would imply being different is normal.

The Weekend that was…

… was very Interesting.

Reminded me of a Discworld book; “Interesting Times” where Rincewind the Wizard is cursed with ‘interesting times’ in his future. Rincewind is a coward, he likes things safe, predictable, boring, planned and convenient. The weekend was none of these, it was awesome and odd at the same time.

Suffice to say; Welcome home Mel, CBD, $3.50 Vodka-anything, *12 (Approx), D&M’s, Disapearing acts, 4:00am, running home barefoot. Interesting times, Use your imagination.

Thanks to all involved.

A man and his donkey.

Ok, so i have really become disturbed about the Peruvian culture. It’s not the first time I have been utterly disturbed by Peruvian cuture but the information that has just come to hand has really made me wonder… And I’m sorry Damien if this is a G-rated website and feel free to delete the contents of my recent post. Ok firstly, It’s a universally known fact (well maybe not univerally known.. but in Australia anyways) that people from New Zealand have a thing for sheep. We just assume because there are more sheep than people there that it might be ahh hard for some to umm to you-know-what.

And when my dear hermanito Cedric told me that he had come across some lads in Ecuador that admitted to having sex with a donkey. I could NOT beleive it. So I took my case to Kike, my beautiful wealth of Peruvian knowledge. The look on his face confirmed everything. It was true, and not just in Ecuador. So it seems, that it is not unheard of to sleep with a donkey, a sheep, a turkey maybe? anything you can get your hands on in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, wherever. Kike told me he had witnessed an event when he was 12 that involved a man and a donkey. ‘It’s normal’ he said. I lared at him.

My friend Anne was undisturbed by the news. Anthony and I were in shock. How? Why? What? When? Where? Why? Why? Why??? And so I ask myself these questions. And I think it has something to do with the men in these countries. And then I thought, it can’t just be these countries. It has to be happening at home. So please guys. Tell me. What’s going on? Just a thought for today. Ange-out.

And no Kike hasn’t, you know, with a donkey ok?


Nobody is fu*ked up anymore,
everybody is normal now.
The problem is,
normal is fu*ked up.

Society accept so much today that its hard not to be normal.