Austalian Federal Police

Was lucky enough to have a visit from teh Ausralian Federal Police the other weekend at our new apartment. i was hone alone, cooking rice, had the music turned up, walking around in my trackie-dacks, as you do… as you do. Eventually heard them pounding at the first of our two doors, answered it with a saucepan full of rice in hand and closely inspected the badge that was provided, it was decidedly not impressive.

The polite but bulky gentleman came in and started asking a bunch of questions about a young Australian-Pakastani friend of mine who had recently had a flurry of financial transactions with prominent Swiss bank accounts. This associate of mine had apparently been joined in a tour of disreputable places and characters in western Europe by a traditional Irish troublemaker and the authorities were obviously a little concerned as to just waht they were getting upto… Big shout out to the lads (and you are lads!) in Europe.

Unfortuantely, I did have a visit from the immigration department, they were looking for a young indonesia female who had aparently over stayed her visa… Should have seen their eyes light up when I opened the door with a saucepan full of rice!

4 thoughts on “Austalian Federal Police

  1. hahamy mom’s cooking is still dominant as ever. My family is doing good. My dad retired as of this week (bought himself a new SUV as a retirement present!) My mom is on vacation until December and then she retires after that.Hope all is well with you!

  2. Haha – Hi Alvin! How is your mums cooking by the way? Still as good as it was when I stopped over? How is your whole family? I still haven’t gotten the hang of eating that last little bit from the bottom of the bowl with chopsticks! I jsut cheat and keep filling the bowl up!

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