Alvin on Rove Live

Alvin (AKA Nivla) May be on Aussie TV on Tuesday night! I sent a pic of him pointing at a very wierd street sign into the What the…? Section of Rove Live last week. So depending on how far ahead they record, he may be on TV soon! Keeps your eyes peeled people!

PS. There is a profile of Alvin linked to the Sidebar. Check out the Pic here

4 thoughts on “Alvin on Rove Live

  1. I’d say the backlog for that segment is wayyyy long. They wouldn’t show everything either – there’d be a shortlist.

  2. Mate – no luck this week. I dunno how many entries he gets, and I missed an episode last week… Fingers crossed still though, I reckon he must get a few entries. I think we should hear about it if it gets on air.

  3. Haha you know what that picture looks like someone has a moose on a leash. See the moose nose, and the antlers??Hey check out my blog, I started it tonight!! Leave me a comment!-Jev

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