Lightbulbs for Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Have you seen those people handing over free energy efficient lightbulbs? Have you wondered why nobody accepts them? Maybe they are busy, maybe they are afraid they have to sign away their personality, maybe they think its just a marketing gimmik, cause they know nothing comes free.

Well, I’m not sure why people don’t at least find out what these free lightbulbs are actually going to cost them, its probably just because we are sick of the personal affrontation of marketing these days. What I do know is what they cost you – your ability to trade your carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon dioxide emissions are now a tradeable commodity, but I don’t think you or I can really participate in the market – except by gaining a few cheap, energy efficient lightbulbs. What I theorize happens is that energy companies are now limited in their CO2 emissions. However, like water for irrigators, they can buy extra emissions, but those emissions have to come from somewhere. So, we have companies like easybeinggreen who offer you free energy efficient lightbulbs in exchange for the reductioninyour CO2 emissions. They then trade those CO2 emission credits back to the energy companies – which enables them to expand their CO2 emissions.

Theoretically, there will be a trickle down effect. The reduction in energy use by consumers hopefully means eventually, energy companies can reduce their CO2 emissions because they are not required to provide as much energy anymore.

Sound confusing – it is, least of all because im not really sure how it all works yet – but I’ll find out and get back to you about it. However, I’m all for it.

Oh yeah – Stock tip of the day for the environmental conscious: Buy any stock that sells/manufactures anything to do with water purification and rain tanks. Long term (100years) outlook is amazing growth! In fact – go one better, start stockpiling your water supplies right now while its cheap, because no doubt, one day – its going to run out!

2 thoughts on “Lightbulbs for Carbon Dioxide Emissions

  1. They were giving shower heads and lightbulbs out at uni O-week… provided you filled in a survey about electricity or gas (if u had gas, they gave you more lightbulbs and no showerhead)…Then at the bottom of my electricity bill they said if I signed a form, i could collect a box of 6 from the local PO Box…I was also probably one of the few who actually read the form to “find the catch”Ive collected both of these and now have quite a stash in my cupboard at home. Very useful – saves me having to walk down to Coles and buying them. So far so good… i like freebies 🙂

  2. wow, we’re nmot as backward in berrigan shire that most would think – we handed out FREE LIGHT GLOBES AND ( ALTHOUGH CONDITIONS APPLY, mind you)FREE WATER SAVER SHOWER HEADS ( guess there wont be too much of the old shower with a friend happening anymore!) weeks was a real good unintentional door count booster for the libraries cos we were the ones who people QUEING at the door to get their freebies.what i couldnt beleive was that only one person out of the 200 actually read the form they had to sign! it was a very confusing explanation, something along the lines of what you said.

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