WinkMan & WinkWoman

I want to start a new craze, but its not a craze like a fashion fad, or cool slang, and its not for my own personal benefit (although it could be) and I don’t want to start it just so I can call it mine, Best yet, it has the potential to make the world a better place (yes, I’m ambitious!).
The new craze will be:
This idea started a while ago and has (upto now) been a personal mood booster. When I’m walking along, a little glum for no particular reason other then lifes not fair – I make eye contact with a (usualy female) passerby, and wink at them. The thing with winking is, you just can’t help but smile! Your scrunching up half your face and it naturally lifts your lips into a smile… and if they see you, the passerby can’t but help smile back. Just a small way of making somebodies life interesting and making them feel good about themselves. It doesn’t have to be a passerby of the opposite sex, it can be whatever you feel most comfortable with.
Now, as I discussed with Nick some time ago, for best results – don’t make the wink too suggestive or obvious and most importantly – reserve your wink for ordinary people and never use it on two people in a row! In that one blink of an eye you need to convey a special meaning, you have to make the passer-by believe the wink is only for them, and the only way of doing that is to make sure it IS just for them.
By avoiding winking at only drop-dead beautiful people you are also setting yourself up for a better response, because your engaging people who don’t expect it and who possibly aren’t used to the attention. Besides, beautiful people get enough attention – its time for the ordinary folk to rebel!
Coming soon: The Just Jeans / Canada Exchange inspired Free Hug Coupon coming to a back pocket near you!

5 thoughts on “WinkMan & WinkWoman

  1. Back on topic – My use of the word ordinary to describe non-beautiful people may have been a little questionable, but I think it was in slightly different context posed by anon. Its a good question though – Are beautiful people special? Is beauty a criteria by which we think of people being abnormal? The thing to keep in mind here are the numbers… If you break the world into Beautiful, plain and Ugly… and find (by taking a sample of the population that can be extrapolated to the entire population with strong external validty…hehehe) that the world population is split evenly into thirds… then all three; beautiful, plain and ugly are normal. Of course, there are always the measurement problems – How are you ever going to achieve a consensus measure of what exactly beautiful, plain and ugly are?

  2. There are a couple of things I like about being a webmaster;1. Nobody who is known to you is actually anonymous, and2. You get to see what people search for to find you. Guess what hits I got this; Searches for Donkey Sex thanks to Ange’s post… and Manitoba Cock thanks to my Christmas Tales of times in Canada…Guess where both searches originated – thats correct – The USA.

  3. I like the idea a lot! BUT, To be a bit “Damian-ian” (As I like to call it)What do beautiful people look like? Arent they just ordinary people too? If their not, are you saying that beautiful people are extraordinary and if they are extraordinary arent they abnormal? and if so, arent they just normal and ordinary since the society accept so much that abnormal really is normal? Hmm maybe I made it too complicated…better stop talking now.

  4. That winking theory is awesome!!! It’s like one of my most favourite quotes of all time:“Smile! It makes everyone wonder what you’re up to!”🙂

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